Fitness for remote workers

There’s no denying that remote work arrangements have taken the business world by storm. According to a study by Global Workplace Analytics, the number of remote workers has grown by 173% since 2005. That’s 11 times faster than the rest of the workforce. And more than 40% of professionals work remotely—with the number growing every day due to COVID-19.

We have an expression in the health and fitness industry – “Reach employees where they are.” This means using multiple approaches and channels to engage your employees and keep fitness top of mind.

At HealthFitness we help employers engage employees in their health beyond the four walls of the fitness center, including:

  • Remote locations with a smaller employee population
  • Locations that don’t have the space to offer an onsite fitness center
  • Remote sales force and home-based employees

While more employees are out of your sight, don’t let them be out of mind when it comes to health and fitness. Here are four ways we can help engage your employees in their health:

Consulting services for fitness room
We work with a number of fitness equipment manufacturers on building out space to allow for physical activity or to re-charge indoors. We can conduct a needs analysis and assist with designing a space based on the results.

We have designed small exercise rooms where employees can get in a great workout or even meditation and energy rooms to provide a quiet space to re-energize. We also work with employers in designing outdoor areas for extra activities, such as walking paths, outdoor exercise stations, disc golf and even multi-purpose recreation courts.

Group exercise classes
HealthFitness can attain local staff to come on-site and teach classes in an open area such as a conference room, cafeteria and the outdoors. Appropriate classes to offer would be determined by space allocation and safety of participants. Class menus constantly evolve and typically include core and specialty classes, are unique to each client, and taught by regular and part-time HealthFitness instructors.

Virtual Fitness with Wellbeats®
Virtual fitness solutions, through our partnership with Wellbeats, encourage employee fitness engagement without additional resources (staffing or a large amount of space). Prices vary based on individual user streaming or on-site kiosk.

This is a great solution for employers with smaller worksites and it helps keep employees active during the day. Participants have unlimited access to classes and workout plans anytime through individual user streaming via phone, tablet or computer; or an on-site kiosk in a dedicated location.

These virtual classes allow employees that don’t have access to an on-site fitness center a chance to take care of their health. Employees have the flexibility to make something work into their busy schedule resulting in a greater work-life balance.

Wellness challenges
Wellness challenges are a great way to reach employees who aren’t “joiners” to participate in a wellness program, or for locations without an on-site fitness center an opportunity to belong to a company sponsored program.

HealthFitness also provides optional online wellness challenges—through our partner Health Enhancement Systems—for an additional charge.

Challenges run 4 to 12 weeks and help motivate participants to engage in healthy lifestyles using a theme and addressing behaviors such as managing eating habits and stress, and increasing physical activity.

We help employers created targeted challenges specific to their employee population. For example, at one of our client sites we created a 30-day hydration challenge to increase water consumption and raise awareness of the importance of staying hydrated. This was a simple challenge that resulted in positive outcomes and didn’t require special equipment.

Providing educational awareness opportunities for employees is a good way to support and build a healthier culture. Topics include general health, physical activity, sleep, nutrition, weight management, stress and resilience. We can deliver these in person or via webinar.

  • Meet ups. Fun, quick (10 minute) learning opportunities in a convenient setting, with key takeaways
  • Seminars. Learning sessions (30-60 minutes) in a social setting, with handouts and actionable tips
  • Series classes. Weekly classes (30-60 minutes), 4-6 weeks in length, offer a cohesive learning experience and skill building